To foster cooperation among all parties in Virginia with an interest or stake in prescribed fire; for the purposes of optimizing burning opportunities for the benefit of natural ecosystems and wildlife, and to reduce the risk of damage from wildfires.

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VDOF Fire Training Opportunities – May 2021


S-130/190, I-100, L-180: Blended Course Delivery


Two Offerings:

May 5, 2021: S-130/190 - Field Day Session. New Kent Forestry Center, Providence Forge, VA

May 19, 2021: S-130/190 - Field Day Session. Matthews State Forest, Galax, VA


This training series provides a blending of both self-paced online instruction with a one-day field level practical exercise. All self-directed coursework must be completed one week prior to the field day portion, no exceptions. This will be confirmed by the submittal of the final online course completion certifications to Sandy Mills.

Students will complete the following coursework:

  • S-190: Basic Wildland Fire Behavior – Self-directed (Online) offering -  6-8 hours.

  • S-130: Wildland Firefighter Training – Blended Offering – Approximately 22 hours Self-directed (Online) learning with a mandatory 8 hour, in person, field day exercise.

  • L-180: Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service - Self-directed (Online) offering - 4 hours.

  • ICS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System – Self-directed (Online) offering – 4 hours

Complete details and online access information will be provided to each student once their registration has been accepted. Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, all students will be expected to furnish their own travel, meals, lodging and break items/bottled water for the S-130 field day exercise.


S-212: Wildland Fire Chainsaws

Two Offerings:

May 10 – 13, 2021: S-212, New Kent Forestry Center, Providence Forge, VA

May 24 – 27, 2021: S-212, Matthews State Forest, Galax, VA

Mandatory Course Prerequisite: S-130/190

This will be an instructor-led course presented at the field level. The course will be presented over four days with a total of 30 – 36 hours of instruction.

Boxed lunches will be provided for all students daily, however, all other travel, meals, lodging and break items/bottled water, for all non-VDOF full and part-time employees will be the responsibility of each student.

Complete class details and logistical information will be furnished to each student once their registration has been accepted.


All interested students must first register with Sandy Mills, via email, prior to starting any online coursework to ensure open spots in the class remain available.

Registration is now open and available seats will be assigned on a first come – first served basis, although each individual agency is restricted to having no more than three students in each of the S-212 classes, in an effort to help all agencies take advantage of this training. Seats are limited!


NOTE: Registration closes at 5 pm on April 22, 2021.

There is no registration fee associated with any of these class offerings.

To register, contact Sandy Mills by email (sandy.mills@dof.virginia.gov) with the following information:

            Desired Class(s) and location:

Student Name:


            Contact Phone Number:

            Employed By:


2021 Virginia Certified Prescribed Burn Managers Course

The January 2021 course virtual offering was a success and a huge thanks to the cadre that converted their traditional material delivery into a compatible format.


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