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Prescribed Burn Associations

There is growing interest by private landowners to use prescribed fire on their land and a strong desire to work cooperatively to accomplish their management goals. A PBA seeks to provide these motivated private landowners with peer-to-peer mentorship and training to gain the skills and knowledge to use prescribed fire on their land. 

A PBA is an organization that provides training, equipment, and educational programs to landowners and the general public to increase the effectiveness and safety of prescribed fire on private lands. The goals of a PBA are to help individuals manage their own risks by ensuring appropriate preparations are in place before each burn. These preparations include assisting landowners with creating a burn plan, adequate fire breaks, equipment, and ensuring the minimum number of people are present at each burn. Peer-to-peer learning and support is invaluable as members gain experience in the use of prescribed fire when fire is actually implemented on burn days.

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