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2022 Annual Meeting

Day 1 Welcome

Flash Presentations
1) Fire Effects Monitoring in the Central Apps
2) Prescribed Fire Effects on Wood Quality
3) Prescribed Fire and Pollinators

Invasive Species

Working with the Media

Leveraging New Advances in Technology to Meet Modern Fire Training Challenges

Easy Modeling Tools and
Day 1 Closeout

Landowners and Prescribed Fire

Urban Burning in Northern Virginia

Drones and Dragon Eggs

Fire Effects on Soil and Water

Cooperatives Panel and
Day 2 Closeout

1) Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists
2) Quail Forever
3) Central Appalachians Fire Learning Network
4) Tall Timbers/Fire Science Consortium
5) Forest Steward Guild
6) Longleaf Pine Cooperators Group

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